Heatin’ Up: Sneak Peak for Wednesday’s Sunrise Class!

A foggy early morning on route to the studio.  Always adore the winter lights in Rittenhouse Square.

A foggy early morning on route to the studio. Always adore the winter lights in Rittenhouse Square.

This flow retains some parts of my most recent class sequences, but a few new nuggets as well!  If you love core work and heart-openers, this flow is for you.

I’ve mixed things up a bit, so don’t expect a Baron Baptiste standard Journey Into Power flow, although the framework still remains.  Why change it up?  It’s not to make your morning harder, but to supercharge your day with boosted creativity.  Our brains access peak creativity in the early hours. And altering your morning routine is proven to have a big impact.  Something as simple as putting the milk in the bowl before the cereal, or making your sandwich differently can do more than you’d think.  Let’s seize the opportunity subtle shifts may offer us.


  • Balasana
    •  Tabletop, extend right leg, left arm, Knee to elbow crunch (x3)
    • Release hand, tuck toes, DDS
    • K2N, DDS, W1, hover torso to 45 degrees and reach forward
    • Release hands to mat, LL Twist
    • Hands to mat, back knee down
    • Kneeling Crescent Lunge, move back to Tabletop
    • [s]
  • Cat/Cow (x3)
  • DD to Plank (x3)
  • Hold Plank, shift forward and back on the toes to sense lower and upper belly engagement (x3)
  • Ragdoll
  • Mountain
  • one modified [v] taking Knees-Chest-Chin to Low Cobra, DD

Sun Salutes

  • DDS, LL Twist, step to front of mat, half lift (x3), fold, mountain, fold, half lift, LL [v] [s] (x2)
  • Chair, hover chest to thighs (x3), fold [v]
  • W1 [v] [s]
  • Chair, Forward Fold, DD

Warrior Sequence

  • DD to Plank (x3)
    • Plank, lift right leg, lift left arm or come onto finger tips
    • Release hands, DDS
    • HL, hands at prayer at nape of neck, elbows squeeze together, pulse from lunge to straight legs (x3), W2, RW, LL Twist, SP, FSP, FP, Dolphin, press forward to Low Plank
    • [s-second side go from Dophin to Balasana]
  • Anahatasana (Puppy Pose)
  • Slide to belly
  • Locust with one leg up, one leg grounding [s]
  • Full Locust
  • Bow
  • DD
  • Sun A, Forward Fold, Malasana Squat
    • Option for Malasana with bind, coming to stand [s]
    • Option for Crow
    • Option for supported Malasana
  • Final [v]

Core and Hips

  • DDS, K2N
  • DDS, K2 Opposite Elbow, extend leg for Fallen Triangle
  • DDS, K2 Same Elbow, step to Lizard.
  • Drop back knee, Lizard Twist (option to bind for quad stretch)
  • Release, Half Hanumanasa
  • Return to the lunge, then walk front foot over to Half Pigeon
  • Seated Spinal Twist
  • Janu Shirasana
  • Gate Pose
  • DD, Wild Thing, DD
  • [s]


  • Bridge or Wheel (depending on how warmed up you feel)
  • Plow
  • Shoulder Stand
  • Fish
  • Supine Spinal Twist [s]
  • Savasana



  •  [v]=vinyasa of choice
  • [s]=repeat sequence on other side
  • DD= Downward Facing Dog
  • DDS= Downward Facing Dog Split/ 3-Leg Dog
  • W1= Warrior I
  • W2= Warrior II
  • W3= Warrior III
  • RW=Reversed/Radiant Warrior
  • LL= Low Lunge
  • HL= High Crescent Lunge
  • K2N= Knee to Nose/ Core Plank
  • SP= Side Plank
  • FSP= Forearm Side Plank
  • FP= Forearm Plank

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