Starting at the roots (Chakra #1; Muladhara)

A massage therapist friend was reminding me that we are all conduits of energy. Beings who are constantly giving and receiving. When we give too much we feel depleted and when all we do is receive we may feel lethargic or guilty. On and off the mat, we hope to strike balance between giving and receiving. In this sequence, let your focus begin, and constantly return to, physical sensations of grounding. Where your body is connected to the earth, where your body is supported and drawing energy from the base up. Start by letting yourself receive throughout this flow. Once you feel confident in that support, allow your attention to places in your 

Muladhara is your base chakra, and is considered the foundation of the “energy body.” Poses that activate and help us find stability in our muladhara are associated with strengthening the legs and opening hips.


  • Start seated, begin to integrate conscious breathing
  • Balasana–be loose, soft and fully supported. Come back to the breath
  • DD
  • Ragdoll at front of mat
  • Mountain, AUM

Sun Salutes, Warrior and Balancing

  • Sun As x 4
  • Sun Bs x2
  • Chair –> Eagle –> W3 (keep Eagle arms)–> land for High Lunge –> unbind Eagle arms, take an open-arm variation on a twist (hands not at heart center) [v] [s]
  • Step foot forward for W2 legs, keep chest down. Walk fingertips past front corner of mat, inside of front foot. Take some cat/cow spinal curls here. Transition the upper body after several breaths to ESA (hold a few breaths), Low Lunge Twist, SP, W2, Triangle [v] [s]

More Hips, Core, Back and Closing

  • Dolphin
  • Forearm Plank, Sphinx, Half Bow, Puppy, Tabletop, Kneeling Lunge, Half Pigeon [s]
  • Dolphin with option for Forearmstand
  • Come to a seat
  • Spinal Twist, Janusirsasana 1 and 2, Gate [s]
  • Shoulderstand optional
  • Savasana



  • [v]=vinyasa of choice
  • [s]=repeat sequence on other side
  • DD= Downward Facing Dog
  • DDS= Downward Facing Dog Split/ 3-Leg Dog
  • ESA= Extended Side Angle
  • FF= Forward Fold
  • HL= High Crescent Lunge
  • K2N= Knee to Nose/ Core Plank
  • LL= Low Lunge
  • RW=Reversed/Radiant Warrior
  • SP= Side Plank
  • W1= Warrior I
  • W2= Warrior II
  • W3= Warrior III
  • WLFF= Wide Leg Forward Fold

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