Kids Yoga

Summer Yoga Club!

Summer Yoga Club for Teens


Mercury is finallyfinally, finally rising in Philadelphia. It’s been a long, harsh winter. But summer will be here before we know it, and kids’ will be out of school! What’s your Philly teen or pre-teen doing?

I’ll be leading 4 sessions of yoga for teens this summer at Philly Power Yoga. Sign up here before the spots fill up!

Four sessions (5 days, 90 minutes each day) to choose from this June, July and August, this program is ideal for teens and pre-teens wanting to try yoga, and youth athletes looking for an activity that complements their soccer, dance, swimming or tennis practice.
Yoga has incredible benefits for body and mind. Heavy backpacks, long hours on computers and playing group sports all place repetitive pressure on a teen’s body, creating tension, tightness and opportunity for injury. Yoga creates flexibility in muscles and stability in joints. The physical exercises of yoga build strength while developing balance, coordination and agility.
An introduction to a practice of mindfulness is incorporated alongside the poses and movements. Simple breathing exercises have powerful effects: settling the central nervous system, enhancing focus and attention and improving sleep. The stretching and breathing of yoga helps teens explore ways to manage stress and find calm in the chaos of academic and social pressures.
No prior yoga experience is required. Contact with questions.

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