For beginners

Feeling stressed?

Stress delivers a whammy of serious health problems, and most Americans are increasingly overwhelmed with it. Not surprising that has a huge effect on the workplace.

I firmly believe the more people who are exposed to yoga, the better the world becomes. Whether your practice is casual or serious, you’ll reap health benefits in mind and body. When you are healthier and less stressed, your communications with friends, loved ones and colleagues improves exponentially. There’s a ripple effect of good.

But not every individual has the time or money to get to a yoga studio, and for some of us, it requires more energy and courage to try something new than we ‘d like to admit. This is what gave me the idea to offer on-site yoga programs in the workplace, tailored to fit the needs of your colleagues.

So you know why I do it, and why employees would benefit, but what’s in it for the employer? A LOT! Reduced stress’s ripple effect of good extends to the company’s bottom line too. Increased retention, decreased absenteeism, improved morale and communications saves businesses in their health care and hiring costs.

Win, win, win.

It’s important to remember yoga’s not competitive. However, we can still win, so that’s pretty cool.

Learn more here!



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