Set an intention to FEEL GOOD

I hope the practice is whatever it needs to be for you. If you need 400 chaturangas to feel good, so be it. If you need extra rest in child’s pose, or to modify lunges and side planks with a knee down, go ahead and dial back the intensity. Let it be about feeling good, not about impressing your neighbor or stroking your ego. Let it be about feeling good. But you set that definition–not me. I’ll suggest the postures, remind you of the breath, and the rest is up to you.

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  • Start in savasana
  • Deepen your breath and begin to let go of the before and after–let your breath be the embodiment of the present moment
  • Take 3 cleansing breaths
  • Roll to the right side, press up
  • Tabletop
  • Cat/Cows adding a roll from side to side (ribs push to right, press to cat, ribs to left, drop to cow–repeat several times and then switch directions)
  • Downward Facing Dog (DD)
  • Align DD. Bend elbows, rotate triceps to they wrap back, spread fingers out and hug hands and forearms towards one another. Straighten arms. Lift hips and heels, press thighs backward, then let heels descend down
  • Plank pose, hold 5 breaths. Lower to belly. Cobra, lower, Locust, lower, Cobra, DD
  • Walk hand to back of mat
  • FF with ragdoll arms
  • Release, roll to stand
  • Walk to top of mat
  • Tadasana-OM

Sun Salutes, Warrior and Balancing

  • Sun As x 4
  • Chair [v]
  • DDS (inhale), bend knee and open hip (exhale), DDS (inhale), K2N (exhale) –repeat x3.  Step to kneeling lunge. pull heart forward, allow hips to melt down. Tuck toes, lift back knee. Lift chest to hover over the front thigh. Reach arms back like airplane wings. Reach arms forward, hook thumbs. Lift chest, keep bind with thumbs. Release to [v] [s]
  • Chair [v]
  • DDS, bend knee open hip, DDS, K2N. Step foot between hands, spin down back heel. Lift chest to a hover, airplane arms reach back. Reach forward, then lift up to W1. [v] [s] (x2)
  • Chair Twist, release to a restorative FF. Roll up, Tadasana, Tree, W3, HL, HLT, SP, Wild Thing, W2 [v][s]
  • DDS, bend knee open hip, DDS, K2N. Step foot between hands, spin down back heel. Straighten front leg, open all the way up to Triangle. Turn top hand to face back, bend elbow and take a half bind. Look down bend front knee, move into Balancing Half Moon with a wrap. Unbind arms and extend like a star. Standing Split. Roll up to Standing Leg Raise with a toe lock. Release toe lock and move into Figure 4  legs, sit down into your Chair. Reach forward. (stop here if you have injured/cranky knees). Release fingertips down, come to the ball of your standing foot, sit your set down toward your heel. Engage your core and play with taking one hand to the heart. FF with Figure 4 bind. Release to FF. [v] [s]

Hips, Back and Closing

  • Plank
  • Lower over the count of 10
  • Locust x 2, Bow x 1
  • DD
  • DDS, open hip bend knee, Wild Thing, DDS, Half Pigeon. Janu sirsasana, Gate [s] first side move back to DD, second side roll to back.
  • Bridge or Wheel
  • Supine Spinal Twist (long hold) [s]
  • Savasana



  • [v]=vinyasa of choice
  • [s]=repeat sequence on other side
  • DD= Downward Facing Dog
  • DDS= Downward Facing Dog Split/ 3-Leg Dog
  • FF= Forward Fold
  • K2N= Knee to Nose/ Core Plank
  • LL= Low Lunge
  • SP= Side Plank
  • W1= Warrior I
  • W2= Warrior II
  • W3= Warrior III

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