“Jazz” Class

Constant disclaimer: yoga is about WAY more than the asana.  Using postures and flow to tame the body and breath is just a tool to a greater means. These sequence posts are all about remembering the flow–just another tool, adding an element of fun and coordination into the asana (2)

Class was good last night.  As a new (ish) teacher, sometimes I plan a class, and it’s good. Other times, I will prepare, and it’s not so great.  Same for the days I fail to prepare at all.

I’m fairly Type A, so I much prefer to prepare although I still lack evidence preparation has made me a more connected and able teacher.  I think over time and practice, the positive effects of planningwill be easier to experience.

Last night, I did not have time to prepare.  I chose other ways to fill my Sunday–brunch (delicious), laundry (necessary) and class with another teacher (always reminding myself that being a student comes first–for my own health and sanity, as well as having something to offer when I take on the teacher role).

Last night was like good jazz, for me.  I felt connected to the moment, rather than distracted by my plan.  My right/left cue confusions were at an all time low, people seemed to be enjoying themselves in spite of the sweat, and I felt grateful to be sharing the resonance of calm that filled the room by the end.

The problem with an improvised sequence is I have trouble remembering it after! Here’s what I think it was:


  • Balasana
  • Cat/Cow (x3)
  • Sunbird [s]
  • DD
  • bring knees to a hover and keep spine long, hips back (x3)
  • wave to Plank, hold 5 breaths
  • DD to Plank (x2)
  • modified [v] taking Knees-Chest-Chin to Low Cobra, DD
  • Ragdoll
  • Half Lift using hands to traction thighs in and back (x3)
  • Mountain
  • modified [v] taking knees down for supported Low Plank, Up Dog, DD

Sun Salutes

  • Sun As (traditional) x3
  • Sun Bs (traditional) x1 (chair to [v], then W1 to [v])

Warrior Sequence

  • W1, Wild Thing, Fallen Triangle, DDS, W1 [v] [s] (x2)
  • Chair Twist [s] FF with yogi toe-lock [v]
  • W1, prayer hands above head and then drop to support back of neck, release hands, Humble Warrior, W3 with bound hands, land for Crescent Lunge, Crescent Lunge Twist, release hands to low lunge, pivot to Side Plank [v] [s]
  • Chair, FF with Gorilla Pose [v]
  • W1, prayer hands at heart, tip forward to W3, release hand for half Moon, bend front knee to land in W2, RW, Extended Side Angle, release hands to earth over to opposite side of mat for stretch, Lizard Lunge [v] [s]

Abs, Hips, Back, and Closing

  • DD, return to breath
  • Plank
  • Forearm Plank
  • Sphinx
  • Forearm Plank to Dolphin
  • Balasana
  • Tabletop
  • Anahatasana (Puppy Pose)
  • Slide to belly
  • Locust x2
  • Bow
  • DD, come to a seat
  • Staff pose
  • Seated FF
  • Seated Spinal Twist [s]
  • Navasana
  • Bridge
  • Wheel (or second Bridge, or Supported Bridge, or rest)
  • Ankle to Knee for Supine Pigeon, transition directly to a twist after a few breaths [s]
  • Happy Baby
  • Savasana



  •  [v]=vinyasa of choice
  • [s]=repeat sequence on other side
  • DD= Downward Facing Dog
  • DDS= Downward Facing Dog Split/ 3-Leg Dog
  • W1= Warrior I
  • W2= Warrior II
  • W3= Warrior III
  • RW=Reversed/Radiant Warrior
  • LL= Low Lunge
  • HL= High Crescent Lunge

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