Sequence: Ignite Your Inner Fire

Disclaimer:  I rarely have the memory to follow a sequence as planned.  I taught three classes last night that used the following as a jumping-off point, but variations abound for many reasons (my memory, the energy of the class, the duration of class.)  Just a reminder to be light and playful!

Gratitude: I was inspired for much of this class by a teacher I very much admire, so much credit goes to Curli Chan in this sequencing, particularly the ab-work.  My classes tend to be light on core.  I took an awesome class with Curli that was full of challenging core work, but it was fun, and hard enough for me to tune out mental distractions.  I wanted to share that with my next class, and with you:


  • Start on back.
  • Supta badakonasana, eyes closed, come into breath.
  • Knees up to make a reverse-tabletop.
  • Drop knees to the right, arms out wide*
  • Drop over to the right again, this time press up to a seat, then back to Down Dog.
  • Wave to plank pose, hold several breaths, to refine architecture of plank/dog, exhale to Dog.
  • Down Dog/Plank flow 2 x more.
  • Walk hands to feet, Ragdoll.
  • Roll up, Tadasana.
  • Hands at heart, close eyes, 3 cleansing breaths.
  • Sun As x 3  (vinyasa to low or full cobra the first 2-3 times)


  • Utka, v
  • Down Dog Split (DDS), knee to nose on exhale, stay for inhale and exhale, inhale to DDS, knee to tricep on exhale, stay for inhale and exhale, inhale to DDS, knee to opposite tricep, holdon exhale, stay for inhale and exhale, inhale to DDS, step to Low Lunge, twist, release for v *
  • Utka, v
  • Repeat DDS/knee to nose sequence, Low Lunge, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior
  • Utka, v
  • Repeat DDS/knee to nose sequence (skip the extra inhale/exhale this round), Low Lunge, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Extended Side Angle, release for Side Plank, optional v
  • Utka twist, v
  • Cresent Lunge twist v* (skip in a shorter class)
  • Child’s pose/towel off/water, sit and return to breath.

Core sequence:

  • Dolphin with hands at prayer, drop hips and come to forearm plank with chin to thumb x 10
  • Child’s pose (traditional, let shoulders and wrists fully relax)
  • Forearm plank, dip hips from side to side, x 5 or 10 each side
  • Child’s pose


  • Dog to Ukta, forward fold (Big Toe Lock or Gorilla)
  • Roll to stand, Tadasana
  • Tree*
  • Eagle*
  • SLOW vinyasa, lower to belly, cobra–chest FORWARD rather than UP.
  • Dog
  • Lizard*
  • 1/2 or Supine Pigeon*
  • DDS, any counter-pose you need after that hip-opening
  • Dog
  • Plank, slowly lower on count of 5
  • Locust x 2
  • Bow or rest
  • Roll to back
  • Rest, Supported Bridge, Bridge, or Wheel, gentle windshield wiper of knees, gentle hug of knees to chest.
  • Shoulderstand, legs up the wall, or other inversion (optional)
  • Fish
  • Supine twist
  • Happy baby
  • Savasana

*: repeat other side

v: vinyasa of choice


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