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What brings you to your mat?

I often joke that I found yoga after getting a Groupon.  And that’s a part of the true story.  I’d taken yoga classes before.  In college; at the gym.  Nothing spoke to me and there was no connection.  I didn’t know much, and I didn’t want to know more.

My roommate forwarded me a Groupon for a yoga studio I’d never heard of.  Actually, I’d never heard of any of the yoga studios in town.  I decided to take the $25 risk that I might not end up using it.

And the first class I attended was wonderful.  My love affair with yoga began, and will continue to make its mark on my life for the rest of my years.

Maybe it began with bargain shopping, but there were physical and emotional reasons that drove me to the mat.  Doctors and friends had recommended yoga.  I had chronic neck and shoulder tension. Often nervous, stressed and self-conscious, I didn’t have to worry as much in the yoga studio.  I didn’t know anyone there.  No one knew me.  It was the initial anonymity that offered a safe space to remember how to breathe in and out.

As I continued to go, the anonymity aspect disappeared.  I was a repeat customer.  Next to the same people in class.  Going to the same teachers.  My need for invisibility dissipated and was replaced with a new-found ability to build community.  Where I once found solace in being no one, I now find comfort in a community of friends who are healthy, friendly and supportive.

It’s funny how things transform. When you show up, you may not end up with the outcome you first envisioned, but your journey might still lead you somewhere pretty cool.

Expect the unexpected.

This little guy hung out next to me during my Monday morning practice.

This little guy hung out next to me during my Monday morning practice.


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