Fire up your morning with this hip-y yoga flow

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I’ve heard it and I’ve said it:

Getting on your mat can be the hardest part of the whole practice.

I’m cutting myself some slack and letting go of the guilt I have over my struggle to cultivate a consistent, challenging and meaningful home practice.  Instead of feeling guilty, I’ve enlisted help.  YogaGlo to the rescue!

YogaGlo is one of many wonderful services for online yoga classes (like GaiamTV, MyYogaOnline and YogaVibes).  Think: Netflix for yoga.  Check it out; each of these sites does free trial periods.  And if want to keep going after your free trial ends, take heart that your monthly cost will be less than one drop-in class at most studios.

Tuesdays I teach at 6:15AM, so a 20 minute class was all I had time for.  I don’t have a shala at home, so I must remember to have reverence in my intention, rather than expect to find it from a manicured environment.  When I unroll my mat at 5:00AM in my eat-in kitchen, I can’t focus on how I’d like to replace the gross vinyl floor with bamboo hardwood, have lights on a dimmer and have a wall and a door separating me from the washer/dryer.

I’ve got what I’ve got and I am where I am; time to move forward from there.

Here’s a 45 minute practice to bring some fire into your Tuesday and stretch those hip flexors:


  • Child’s pose
  • Tabletop: cat/cow x 5
  • Down Dog, pedal it out and say hello to those hamstrings!
  • Down Dog to High Plank x 3
  • Utanasana (Forward Fold) at the top of the mat
  • Ragdoll
  • Roll up to Tadasana
  • Kali Mudra (hands like Charlie’s Angel’s), Standing Crescent Moon to right, then left
  • Utanasana
  • Plank
  • Lower to belly, Locust
  • Lower, hands under shoulders, Cobra on finger tips
  • Down Dog


  • Sun As x 2 (Half Lift, Forward Fold, Tadasana, Fold, Half Lift, Vinyasa of choice)
  • Sun Bs: Down Dog Split, open hip, bend knee.  Down Dog Split, re-square hips, step foot to hand.  High Lunge, Warrior 2, hands frame out front foot, back heel lifts, Low Lunge Twist (v)* (x 2)
  • Warrior 1, Warrior 2.  Interlace hands at base of spine, fold on diagonal to Humble Warrior 2. Lift up, Warrior 2. Back hand sweeps down to top of mat, lift back heel, pivot to outer edge of back foot.  Move to Side Plank (option to keep top foot at a right angle in the middle of the mat for extra support). (v) Down Dog *
  • Down Dog Split.  Knee to nose, DDS, Knee to tricep, DDS, Knee to opposite tricep, shoot that leg out for Fallen Triangle. DDS, Lizard Lunge.  Down Dog *
  • Forearm Plank to Dolphin.
  • Traditional Child’s pose (knees together, with a more rounded spine)
  • Tabletop to Down Dog

Ground and Settle

  • Take feet as wide as mat.  Walk hands back to feet, Utanasana.  Soften knees, thread arms through inside of legs and hold heels.  Gradually press the knees towards straight if possible.
  • Release grip, take a deep Chair with torso, thighs and arms parallel to the ground.  Reach forward with Kali Mudra.  Fold.
  • Malasana (yogi squat).  Fold.
  • Big toes to touch, roll up to Tadasana.
  • Tree Pose to Standing Leg Raise*
  • Eagle to Warrior 3 to Standing Split*
  • Dancer*
  • Fold, Down Dog


  • Plank, lower to belly.
  • Locust with different arm variations x 3
  • Press to a seat.
  • Staff pose, seated Forward Fold.
  • Janushirasana to Seated Fish Twist*
  • Boat
  • Bridge x2
  • Suptabadakonasana
  • Savasana

v: vinyasa of choice

*:repeat on other side


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