For beginners

Savasana for beginners, at a gym

Rock sounds took over my usual kirtan, chanting, DJ-Drez filled playlists for class this morning.  We had a smaller group, 5 (about half), since the last week of summer can be vacation for many.  It was the first time every student stayed for the full 45 minutes.  Each of them was able to enjoy the whole thing, warm-up, balancing, twists, backbends, and the blessed last part: savasana.

All new to yoga and practicing in the florescent basement of their corporate gym, surrounded by cardio machines, weights, and the whirring of the treadmill, it’s a whole different kettle of fish from having a class in a yoga studio.  Challenging as the environment sometimes is, I honestly do feel honored to share yoga with people who most likely would not have tried it otherwise.

It’s disconcerting to see them pop-up after a vinyasa, roll-up their mats, and rush to shower and go to their desks.  They are getting some challenging and beneficial stretching, which is still a good thing, but it’s pretty far removed from yoga.  When they allow themselves the full session to be mentally and physically present, and to enjoy the prize at the end that is savasana, the experience definitely has a different effect.  Pretty cool to observe and be a part of that change. It meant a lot to me.  I hope it does to them as well.

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