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Shoulders: sequence coming soon!

photo (13)

Whoa, nothing like a picture to show you how off your alignment is!  My hips aren’t level, my lifted leg is too high, and I swear, I really thought that right knee was straight!  Just a reminder there’s always more to learn, and an imperfect, in-progress pose can still be fun.

And I think this Warrior variation is totally fun!  I’ve got an Eagle bind in my arms, and a Warrior 3 with my torso and lower body.

That my classes typically bring lots of anatomical attention to the hip flexors is no secret!  I do it on purpose.  I know from my own experience it’s hard to get enough attention there, and the need is ever growing, from sitting at our desks and in our cars, from running, walking, un-supportive but adorable footwear, the list goes on.

A student recently said I often focus on shoulders, which I am glad I do, but I was less conscious of.

I LOVE queuing and practicing Eagle pose, and making a careful transition from Eagle to a Warrior 3 is totally cool and really gets you out of your head, focusing and moving slowly to maintain balance in your body.

After taking a class at Astoria’s completely wonderful Yoga Room with Tara B. I am super inspired to work on shoulder and heart-openers in my classes.  Stay tuned for a sequence-post tomorrow!



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