Vacation Flow

Not my vacation!  My amazingly dedicated Tuesday morning crew at the PECO headquarters in downtown Philly.  They’re on the treadmill before I arrive (between 6-6:15AM).  A few folks from the regular crowd were on vacation, so we had a slightly smaller group.

This morning’s sequence was inspired by the wonderful class I had last night with Sara Ronsvalle at Philly Power Yoga.  The pacing of the class was just what I needed.  It was challenging yet free of strain.  Strength was balanced with softness, a balance often hard for me to find.  The postures did not deviate hugely from a traditional Baptiste sequence but the movements still felt fresh, and transitions asked for attentiveness.

While we sat in child’s pose at the start of class, Sara encouraged us to bring our attention inward, first sensing the four corners of the room, then moving closer to sense the four corners of the mat, and then bringing that observation further inward, into our own bodies.

It was a lovely way to start.  I’m so often distracted, and those cues can be grounding, reminding me that I can only be in the place I already am, so the rest of my to-do list, no matter how packed, can and should wait.

Here’s the 45 minute adapted sequence for this morning.  We flowed to Down Dog before each vinyasa, and held poses no more than 3 breaths for more fluidity (unlike the last two sequences I posted here and here):

  • Balasana
  • Down Dog
  • Flow to Plank x 3
  • Step to Ragdoll
  • Roll-up to Mountain
  • Sun Salutation A x 3
  • W1, v*
  • Chair, v
  • W1, Eagle arms to baby-backbend, W2, Reverse W, Down Dog, v*
  • Chair, v
  • Knee to nose x 3, Low Lunge, reverse cartwheel the arms to W2, Triangle, W2, Reverse W, Down Dog, v* with Locust
  • Tree, Standing Leg Raise, W3*
  • Down Dog, lift leg, open hip and bend knee, re-extend and step to Lizard Lunge, Down Dog, v* with Locust
  • Forearm Plank, Dolphin, Balasana
  • Sunbird*
  • Come seated, Forward Fold.
  • Lift halfway so hands are at shins, pulse between cat and cow spine a few times.
  • Lift to Boat
  • Roll down to back, Bridge x 2
  • Supine Pigeon to Supine twist with ankle over knee*
  • Optional Shoulderstand
  • Savasana
photo (61)

Skyline view from the office on a gorgeous Tuesday.

v: vinyasa of choice

*: repeat other side

W: Warrior

After class, I spoiled myself with this delicious homemade granola, and now nothing else tastes as good.


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