Feeling inspired

I have been blessed to take a lot of new yoga classes lately.  Saturday I was in NYC, and took my first class at Tara Stiles’ Strala Yoga.  To allow for an amazing late morning brunch at Greenpoint’s Anella (french toast and eggs benedict highly recommended) I made it to Strala’s 4:30PM “RELAX” class with Jennifer Grossi.

Here’s the RELAX class description:

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 7.20.24 AM

So, like most students who read yoga class descriptions, I really had no idea what to expect.  Restorative?  Yin? Something else I’ve never experienced?

I walked in to the lovely studio just before class to change and unroll my mat, and 90 minutes later I walked out feeling anand (yogic bliss).  I was simultaneously energized and relaxed.  It was a slow flow class.  No sanskrit, no aums, no incense.  True to the Strala mission, the class was accessible and un-intimidating.  The class was un-preachy, fun and allowed room for personalized movement.  Poses asked for strength but never strain.  I loved it, and hope I can go back and take a class there again!

I felt inspired with my teaching, and more on my Sunday sequence in a later post…

The music was surprising and injected a fun grove throughout class.  Strala shares their playlists on Spotify (what a great idea!  how many times have you walked out of a class wondering what that song was that was played in savasana or somewhere around twisting triangle and you didn’t have time to ask the teacher?)  I spent some time checking out their playlists and came up with a fun one for my Sunday night class:

Screen shot 2013-07-01 at 7.42.32 AM



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