Wake up!


I had a week off my usual 6:15 AM class for the Memorial Day holiday.  I used that Tuesday (and every day surrounding it) to bask in the pleasure of sleeping past 5:00 AM.  Way past.

As chance would have it, I had trouble sleeping last night.  Operating on about 3 hours of rest, I’m so wonky that I said “bless you” (instead of “good morning”) to some colleagues as they exited the elevator this morning.  Yikes!

I whipped up a super green smoothie (kefir, spinach, raspberries and banana) and a bowl of blueberries (love those extra antioxidants) for damage control.  Might not be helping, but it was deeeeeelicious.

This morning’s 45 minute class started on our backs, to mix it up, and because I know this crew loves Supine Pigeon Pose.  This way, anyone leaving a little early (common when you teach yoga at an office gym, where a few folks duck out early to get dressed and ready for morning meetings) would still get to enjoy that nice hip opener.

We didn’t get to all the poses planned (keep reading for the sequence), but today’s practice still helped wake everyone up, including me!



  • Start laying on your back
  • Supine pigeon into supine twist *
  • Rock up to seated, press back to
  • DownDog (lazy dog to pedal out and breathe, then come to stillness)
  • Bend knees to a hover, keep back long, hips back (x3)
  • Leg Lift, Open hip, Low Lunge, Twist*

Awakening, Vitality (Sun Salutations and Warrior)

  • Sun A (x 3)
  • Uttka with feet/knees hip’s width (v)
  • Wide-leg DownDog
  • Wide-leg SidePlank*(v)
    • Knee to nose (x3)-cross over to opposite triceps on 2 and 3
    • Step to low lunge
    • High lunge
    • From High Lunge, straighten front knee, lowering hands to side of hips (Pulse back to High Lunge x3)
    • Open to Warrior II
    • Reverse Warrior, Extended Side Angle
    • FlipDog (optional)
    • DownDog (v)*
  • Uttka with feet/knees hip’s width
  • Uttanasana
  • Uttka twist with hands at heart* (v)
  • Forward Fold (Ragdoll, Yogi Toe-Lock, or Padahastasana) (optional v)
    • Crescent lunge with twist (option to blossom arms open, lift back leg and straighten front leg for Revolved Half Moon)
    • Center and drop back to low lunge (v) *
  • Downdog


  • Top of the mat, roll up to stand
  • Standing Half Moon, Tree *
  • Eagle, fold in after a few breaths and unwind top leg to Warrior III with Eagle arms*

Triangle, backbends, and closing poses

  • DownDog
  • Warrior II to Triangle*
  • Forearm plank to Dolphin
  • Child’s pose, DownDog
  • Seated pigeon (use a block for support under hip)*
  • Down Dog
  • Locust (x2) Bow
  • Press back to a seat, legs out long, Staff Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Reverse Plank
  • Supine twist *
  • Happy Baby
  • Savasana

(v)= vinyasa of choice

*=repeat on other side


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