Summer Theme: Safety!

My BIG theme for summer 2013 is safety.

What I’m not talking about: Never risking fear, failure, or falling down.  We can practice safety while still challenging ourselves and growing! (Plus, I can tell you from experience the ground is not really that far away if you face-plant in side crow).

What I am talking about: Being thoughtful in the actions we take NOW.  How we behave when cultivating presence — being “here, now” –matters.  Living in the present does not mean forsaking the future.  Careless actions may lead us to experience pain later.  That pain could extend to others.

Pain should never be our goal on the mat (and what we do on the mat is a practice for what we do off the mat!)

Blogged so far on this theme:

  • how I practice yoga on my bike –share it with someone you love who isn’t wearing their helmet!
  • This one is about alignment issues in chaturanga (low plank) that commonly lead to injury.
  • More safety-minded posts to come, so stay tuned!


As a reward, here’s me in a super-reflective vest:

safety vest


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