Yoga x 3 on Sunday: Sequence and Inspiration

Elephants in bakasana

Elephants in bakasana

Yesterday was a bit of a yoga-thon!  3 classes in one day meant coffee at 6:30AM on a Sunday.  It also meant spending the bulk of my day with three groups of people who really showed up for life that day.  The determination, strength, focus and power in that room was inspiring.  The first time I’ve cued crow pose, followed by a jump-back to low push-up as a teacher yielded an amazing sight.  A real wow moment.   I’m one lucky duck to guide classes and get to share experience like that with others.

Scroll down for the basic sequence of the day, and the contemplations woven in throughout the practice.

Not looking for perfections, not about touching your toes, it’s okay to make mistakes

You do not need to know everything at once. You do not need to do everything at once. You can only be here, now.

You can only be your best self (Not someone else’s best self).

This is the moment and the place you will grow from.  And that’s pretty damn good.

Gratitude: If I’m here teaching and you’re here practicing, things can’t be that bad.


  • Child’s
  • Cat/Cow
  • DownDog (short) with twists*
  • Ragdoll, Mountain, DownDog
  • Open hip, Low Lunge, Twist*


  • Mountain with side stretch
  • Sun A (x 2) w/ baby back bends, slither updogs
  • Sun B:
    • Uttka with a hover(v)
    • 3 leg-dog
    • knee to nose (x3)
    •  Low Lunge, twist (v)*
    • Uttka with a hover(v)
    • 3 leg-dog
    •  knee to nose (x1)
    • Low Lunge
    • Crescent Lunge
    • flow to hover back knee one inch (x3)
    • Drop back knee, flow to half split (x3)
    • W1, W2, Reverse, Extend
    • Triangle
    • Twisting Triangle (with blocks)
    • Standing Split (v)*


  • W1, W2, Reverse, Extend, Parsvo, StandingSplit, Airplane, LowLunge, Lizard, 3LegDog, OpenHipFlipDog
  • SidePlank*
  • Uttka, Lower to malasana squat (option to practice crow, move to tripod or jump back) (v)
  • Balasana


  • Tree*
  • Eagle (fold in) W3, HalfMoon*


  • Forearm plank to Dolphin
  • Child’s Pose to Puppy
  • Come seated
  • Gentle Camel (with mat folded) (x2)
  • Bridge (x2)
  • Fish
  • Supine Pigeon *
  • Supine Twist
  • Happy Baby
  • Viparita Karani with block
  • Other inversion optional  (we skipped it in the last class of the day in favor of a sweet and well deserved rest)
  • Savasana

* repeat to do both sides

(v) vinyasa


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