For beginners / Sequences

45 minute power yoga sequence, designed for beginners

Once a week I beat the dawn to teach a 45-minute session at a corporate gym.  Their dedication to show up so early (these early birds are there 5 days a week) to focus on fitness and wellness is something I aspire to share.

The group likes a vigorous work-out, and each of them are completely new at practicing yoga.  They are runners, so I’ve included some lunges and half splits.  They also spend a lot of time at computer desks, so eagle, puppy pose, and a more restorative supine pigeon should feel very beneficial.  Because the class time is SUPER short, we don’t get into complicated inversions, for the sake of safe instruction. A nice easy variation on legs-up-the-wall comes in for the closing (if there is time).

Trying to have a traditional savasana is tough–we’re in the middle of a completely open space, exposed to bright fluorescents that can’t be turned off, and surrounded by people using loud cardio machines.  And some students need to leave before class is over.  Everyone is encouraged to take a moment of stillness with eyes closed at the end.

Here’s what we did on Tuesday, April 23rd.  Quick note: This practice can also be done in 20-30 minutes, depending on on your pacing.


  • Child’s
  • Cat/Cow
  • DownDog (short) with twists*
  • Ragdoll, Mountain, DownDog
  • Leg Lift, Open hip, Low Lunge, Twist*


  • Sun A (x 2) with baby back bends, goal post arms (v)
  • Sun B:
  • 3 leg-dog
  • knee to nose (x3)
  •  Low Lunge, twist (v)*
  • Uttka(v)
  • 3 leg-dog
  •  knee to nose (x1)
  • Low Lunge
  • Crescent Lunge
  • flow to hover back knee one inch (x3)
  • Drop back knee, flow between half split (x3)
  • W1, W2, Reverse, Extend, Reverse, Extend
  • Triangle
  • Twisting Triangle (with blocks)
  • Standing Split (v)*


  • Eagle
  • Dancer*

Backbends, Hips and Closing

  • DownDog to Puppy
  • Come seated
  • Boat, Low Boat (x3)
  • Bridge (x2) (option for supported bridge)
  • Supine Pigeon *
  • Supine Twist *
  • Happy Baby
  • Viparita Karani with block (if there is time)

*repeat on the other side

(v) vinyasa of choice


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